Bored & Dangerous nft

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Bored & Dangerous NFT

Bored & Dangerous, almost a year in the making, is a historic moment for the NFT space. This work is the result of 3,000 members of Jenkins the Valet’s “The Writer’s Room” banding together to drive the creative direction of the work. Neil Strauss, a 10x NYT Bestseller, wrote the novel. All characters featured in the novel, in the illustrations, in the game of ‘Where’s Jenkins’ and in the acknowledgements are owned by members of the community and licensed to Tally Labs. A special thank you to MBSJQ for creating such special artwork and for Murda Beatz who produced the beats you hear as the book rotates. This NFT may be burned for an Azur Root (a sacred item within Azurbala that can be redeemed for a PFP) or staked for membership in Hawthorn (a DAO dedicated to reimagining collective creativity). Visit for more information and join us in creating future community-generative works.

Total Sales 6933
Total Supply 14802
Count 14802
Average Price 0.39688589963927 ETH
Floor Price 0.27 ETH

24H Volume 160.4559988979 ETH
24H Sale 583
24H Avg Price 0.27522469793808 ETH
7 Day Volume 408.10484489788 ETH
7 Day Sales 1071
7 Day Avg Price 0.38105027534816 ETH
30 Day Volume 408.10484489788 ETH
30 Day Sales 1071
30 Day Avg Price 0.38105027534816 ETH
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