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Contract Address : 0x6fefb647395e680339badc84dc774e3ca8bca7b9


MurakAImi Drop TBA. FREE for GENESIS + HELLFIRE + HEAVEN Set Holders on Snapshot. Must hold set during mint FREE for Baby Holders. FREE for FlowerAI holders. Hellfire OS: Heaven OS: BEEBLE BLOCKS presents MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY: a genesis collection. This collection is an exploration of other-worldly cityscapes and dark fantasies in the visual aesthetic of BEEBLE’s distinct style with abstract digital paint in psychedelic colors. The title, referring to an old Kanye West album, alludes to a troubled mind seeking escape, for a moment in which we can no longer differentiate between what is real and what is fantasy. MILESTONES HIT: 1. Liked by beeple + beeple made derivative art of MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY: 2. #3 in the world for 24 hours 3. #0 - #9 owned by top crypto influencers in the world

Total Sales 2833
Total Supply 1000
Count 1000
Average Price 0.1977108340205 ETH
Floor Price 0.049899 ETH

24H Volume 0.40741 ETH
24H Sale 9
24H Avg Price 0.045267777777778 ETH
7 Day Volume 5.655843256987 ETH
7 Day Sales 92
7 Day Avg Price 0.061476557141163 ETH
30 Day Volume 5.655843256987 ETH
30 Day Sales 92
30 Day Avg Price 0.061476557141163 ETH
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