Azra Games – The Hopeful nft

Contract Address : 0xc4973de5ee925b8219f1e74559fb217a8e355ecf

Azra Games - The Hopeful NFT

The Hopeful are Play Forever Passes from Azra Games, an Andreessen Horowitz and NFX-funded studio founded by the creator of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes. Get epic benefits in the game universe of Web3's most illustrious game development studio.

Total Sales 2145
Total Supply 5555
Count 5555
Average Price 0.38438885234865 ETH
Floor Price 0.335 ETH

24H Volume 172.64906648898 ETH
24H Sale 379
24H Avg Price 0.45553843400787 ETH
7 Day Volume 824.51408828784 ETH
7 Day Sales 2145
7 Day Avg Price 0.38438885234865 ETH
30 Day Volume 824.51408828784 ETH
30 Day Sales 2145
30 Day Avg Price 0.38438885234865 ETH
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