Art Gobblers nft

Contract Address : 0x60bb1e2aa1c9acafb4d34f71585d7e959f387769

Art Gobblers NFT

Art Gobblers gobble art. "When the Art Gobblers came, they promised nothing, and asked for nothing in return. They merely showed us a way the world could be, and invited us to manifest it into being. With hearts full of hope, we stepped into the void.” — The Book of Goob

Total Sales 5236
Total Supply 2569
Count 2569
Average Price 9.0967839875647 ETH
Floor Price 2 ETH

24H Volume 16.64142 ETH
24H Sale 9
24H Avg Price 1.8490466666667 ETH
7 Day Volume 200.87852 ETH
7 Day Sales 102
7 Day Avg Price 1.969397254902 ETH
30 Day Volume 200.87852 ETH
30 Day Sales 102
30 Day Avg Price 1.969397254902 ETH
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