Art Gobblers nft

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Contract Address : 0x60bb1e2aa1c9acafb4d34f71585d7e959f387769

Art Gobblers NFT

Art Gobblers squirt Goo and gobble art. "When the Art Gobblers came, they promised nothing, and asked for nothing in return. They merely showed us a way the world could be, and invited us to manifest it into being. With hearts full of hope, we stepped into the void.” — The Book of Goob

Total Sales 789
Total Supply 2008
Count 2008
Average Price 12.155520991253 ETH
Floor Price 3.735 ETH

24H Volume 60.3882 ETH
24H Sale 16
24H Avg Price 3.7742625 ETH
7 Day Volume 1447.543 ETH
7 Day Sales 171
7 Day Avg Price 8.46516374269 ETH
30 Day Volume 1447.543 ETH
30 Day Sales 171
30 Day Avg Price 8.46516374269 ETH
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