Art Blocks Curated nft

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Art Blocks Curated NFT

Art Blocks Curated is the most strictly curated offering in the Art Blocks product suite. Submissions are made by individual artists or collaborations and approved by the curation board before they go live. These highly innovative releases by renowned artists reflect astounding beauty and innovation both artistically and technically.

Total Sales 72845
Total Supply 60450
Count 60450
Average Price 4.2959026683272 ETH
Floor Price ETH

24H Volume 166.011 ETH
24H Sale 31
24H Avg Price 5.3551935483871 ETH
7 Day Volume 1000.9323023233 ETH
7 Day Sales 377
7 Day Avg Price 2.654992844359 ETH
30 Day Volume 1000.9323023233 ETH
30 Day Sales 377
30 Day Avg Price 2.654992844359 ETH
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