Aopanda Party nft

Contract Address : 0xc7e4d1dfb2ffda31f27c6047479dfa7998a07d47

Aopanda Party NFT

「あおぱんだ」はTikTokで活躍する日本発のパンダキャラクターです。 大きい「あーちゃん」小さい「おーちゃん」 ふたり合わせて「あおぱんだ」! 「言葉の大切さ」「ポジティブシンキング」を発信しています! "Aopanda" is a Japanese panda character which is very popular and loved on TikTok. Big panda is “Ah chan”, Mini panda is “Oh chan”. They are “AoPanda”! They share the importance of words and positive thinking !

Total Sales 2952
Total Supply 10000
Count 10000
Average Price 0.67313765570279 ETH
Floor Price 1.47 ETH

24H Volume 22.185 ETH
24H Sale 16
24H Avg Price 1.3865625 ETH
7 Day Volume 151.16629999999 ETH
7 Day Sales 118
7 Day Avg Price 1.281070338983 ETH
30 Day Volume 151.16629999999 ETH
30 Day Sales 118
30 Day Avg Price 1.281070338983 ETH
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