8liens NFT nft

Contract Address : 0x740c178e10662bbb050bde257bfa318defe3cabc

8liens NFT NFT

8liens have been spawned by the Ethereals for travel to other dimensions. Their main purpose is exploration and discovery. There are six different sub-species that are genderless. They also can possess various !vibes and traits.

Total Sales 18646
Total Supply 10001
Count 10001
Average Price 0.30482441675341 ETH
Floor Price 0.078 ETH

24H Volume 5.333493935969 ETH
24H Sale 18
24H Avg Price 0.29630521866494 ETH
7 Day Volume 37.662758934969 ETH
7 Day Sales 254
7 Day Avg Price 0.14827857848413 ETH
30 Day Volume 37.662758934969 ETH
30 Day Sales 254
30 Day Avg Price 0.14827857848413 ETH
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