10KTF nft

Contract Address : 0x0cfb5d82be2b949e8fa73a656df91821e2ad99fd


World renowned craftsman Wagmi-san, famous for the most grailed accessories, recently set up a shop in New Tokyo called 10KTF. Depending on the day, Wagmi-san might create accessories for Apes, Cats, Robots, Loots… it’s really up to whatever he’s in the mood for. A man of honor, he only makes objects for customers who own parent NFTs. His accessories are 1 of 1 digital objects that will only be created once. Life is good. But he’s still required to pay for protection to keep his shop open. It’s better than the alternative. After what happened last summer, he can’t let that happen again. Visit [10ktf.com](https://10ktf.com) to learn more.

Total Sales 22687
Total Supply 23498
Count 23498
Average Price 0.5548019915872 ETH
Floor Price 0.2696 ETH

24H Volume 3.3532 ETH
24H Sale 10
24H Avg Price 0.33532 ETH
7 Day Volume 40.241389132 ETH
7 Day Sales 95
7 Day Avg Price 0.42359356981053 ETH
30 Day Volume 40.241389132 ETH
30 Day Sales 95
30 Day Avg Price 0.42359356981053 ETH
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