10K World Cup nft

Contract Address : 0x4c69dbc3a2aa3476c3f7a1227ab70950db1f4858

10K World Cup NFT

10K World Cup is the first Social Game NFT collection for Sports fans all over the world. 200+ BAYC Captains have joined to cheer for their favorite teams. Every NFT has its own nationality, pick & support your Nation by HOLDing & SHOWing your NFTs on Social platform.

Total Sales 5977
Total Supply 7251
Count 7251
Average Price 0.045293867975699 ETH
Floor Price 0.0275 ETH

24H Volume 0.2128 ETH
24H Sale 8
24H Avg Price 0.0266 ETH
7 Day Volume 2.97843 ETH
7 Day Sales 124
7 Day Avg Price 0.024019596774194 ETH
30 Day Volume 2.97843 ETH
30 Day Sales 124
30 Day Avg Price 0.024019596774194 ETH
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