Starborn Treasure Hunt w Luna Lightspeed NFT

Registration Closes Sept. 16, 2022, 11 a.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.09Ξ

Total Supply 10,921 NFTs

Number of Winners 1,969 Spots

Raffle Time Sept. 16, 2022, noon UTC

Official Link barracuda.io/spaceplus

Verified Twitter spaceplusnft 19,616

Visit Premint

An Epic Treasure Hunt Created from the Starborn Collection Narrative

Join Luna Lightspeed in weekly adventures across the Solar System to solve the first Web3 treasure hunt in space. Prizes valued over $15K. More details will be released weekly starting 9.16.22.

For those who do not win this raffle, the first clue will be released publicly on 9.17.22.

Raffle winners for this Premint will be added to an allowlist that grants 24-hour early access on 9.16.22 to the first clue.  Raffle winner benefits:

  • Winners will be added to a gated Space+ Discord channel where the first Starborn Treasure clue will be broadcast.
  • Solve all clues to gain exclusive access to the final clue with the grand prize valued over $10k.
  • Inpiduals that solve all 9 clues throughout the Starborn Treasure Hunt and collect the corresponding POAPs will be automatically added to the Starborn allowlist minting in October.

Those who do not win this Premint can still participate! However, they will not receive early access to the first clue. They will also be added to the Starborn waitlist minting this October.

Treasure Hunt Directions:

  1. Follow on Space+ Twitter and Discord for weekly clues.

  2. Solve each of the 9 mini-clues to collect the clue’s corresponding POAP. The total value of the 9 mini-clue prizes is over $5k!

  3. The solution to each clue will be a password that the inpidual/team must input into the week’s provided POAP link.

  4. Once the inpidual/team solves the clue and enters the corresponding password on the POAP link, they will be able to collect the clue’s POAP.

  5. The first inpidual’s/team’s wallet to solve the clue and collect the clue’s POAP will receive the corresponding clue’s prize!

  6. Collect all 9 POAPs to gain exclusive access to the final 10th clue and a grand prize valued over $10k!

  7. Form teams along the way to solve the clues. Invite your aerospace and astronomy friends. They will be the most prepared to traverse the Solar System and solve the Starborn Treasure Hunt

  8. Have fun!!!

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