Spike x Wagmi Games NFT

Mint Date Dec. 19, 2022 4 p.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.079Ξ

Total Supply 5,973 NFTs

Number of Winners 100 Spots

Raffle Time Dec. 19, 2022, 2:20 a.m.

Official Link wagmigame.io

Verified Twitter WagmiGameCo 16,554 -1%

Visit Premint

NIFE WARS COMICS: The WAGMI Defense Chronicles

📚  VOLUME 1 TITLE: “THE BETRAYAL” – Earth’s Peace Treaty Is Broken!

⏲️  MINT DATE: December 19, 2022 – 4pm UTC

⛓️  MINT CHAIN: Immutable-X L2 (Loopring)

🔢  ITEMS: 5973

💸  MINT PRICE: $89

RARITIES (Each rarity has a different cover)
🥇  Common
🥇 Uncommon
🥇 Rare
🥇 Ultra Rare
🥇 Secret Rare
🥇 Legendary  

✅  UTILITY #1: World’s first in-browser NFT comic book (you can skim through the comic book right on the NFT itself)

✅  UTILITY #2: Holders will be able to stake their NFT comic books and receive a free in-game War Chest every month (rarer loot for rarer comic book variations)

✅  UTILITY #3: Gasless minting on Immutable-X’s L2

✅  UTILITY 4: PHYSICAL COPIES: 5,973 copies will be claimed by those who minted one of the NFT comics.

The Story

​Susie and Jon put the future of Earth’s Treaty, as well as their lives, in great danger as they sneak around the Grays’ HQ only to find out the truth behind the secretive alliance between Isacar and the new villain…KAPHRAIT!  

With this treachery we learn the intent the Grays have for humanity and how the battle for NiFe will soon begin! Be ready to be dismayed by the riveting events that will go down as one of the greatest betrayals humanity has ever faced! 💥

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