SPACEBOZOS X Mastermint Alpha (WL) NFT

Mint Price 0.0069Ξ

Total Supply 3,333 NFTs

Number of Winners 50 Spots

Official Link twitter.com/SpaceBozosNFT

Visit Premint


On an unknown galaxy far far away, there floats a Jellybean – a planet made of sugar inhabited by a species called SPACEBOZOS.

All we know about them is how they look and what they thrive on. They look like your standard alien, until they don’t. They thrive on sugar, until they find something else.

Limited spots are available on the spaceship. Are you a BOZO? 🍫 🍭🍬🍩🧁


SPACEBOZOS is a cc0 project showcasing a collection of generative alien pixel art. The traits are carefully curated to bring awareness to pop culture and events of historical significance. From a sweet galaxy, the Bozos find themselves in having to leave their planet and end up landing on Earth. This event is essentially our launch of the collection. The mint date is still TBA but we’re working very hard to have everything ready either by this month or by the 1st week of September. The collection size will be 3333, the VIP price is free and WL price is 0.0069eth. There may or may not be a public sale, thats yet to be decided. The funds will be used to donate to a charity decided by the community!

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