SpaceBlasterz | WL Raffle NFT

Mint Price 0.06Ξ

Total Supply 555 NFTs

Official Link spaceblasterz.co

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555 Whitelist Spots for the SpaceBlasterz NFT Collection.

What is Space Blasterz?

Space Blasterz is a collective movement with the mission to take electronic music to new heights in the NFT space.

What does it mean to be a SpaceBlaster?

You will be a member of an upcoming empire in the electronic music world, and you will benefit from all our future projects.

What are the benefits?

Space Blasterz pide into two rarities based on the specialty of your character. Here are the two rarities and their specialties:

555 “Chosen Blasterz”

All utilities of “O.G. Blasterz” plus:

– 1 year of free Spotify / Apple Music / Youtube Music premium subscription based on the owner’s choice.

-Share holder privileges.

– An automatic upgrade to a VIP ticket upon winning in our raffles.

– VIP access to “Back to Space” virtual event and real life festival.

– Access to our most exclusive afterparties for all “Back to Space” events.

5000 “O.G. Blasterz”

– Access to the most authentic community of music lovers.

– Ticket giveaways to the hottest festivals and events around the world.

– Airdrops of ETH and other NFTs.

– Automatic entry ticket to our yearly raffle “In Space”. Once a year, one lucky Blaster will get invited to a luxurious trip planned by our team. This trip will be beyond your wildest dreams…

– A chance to claim a free ticket to our “Back to Space” grand festival (Metaverse + IRL).

– Access to “Blasterz Room”.

– Take advantage of early access to our merch drops and enjoy exclusive deals!

– Claim 1 free item of your choosing from our merch shop.

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