Silly Society: UNDEAD NFT

Mint Date Aug. 22, 2022
Total Supply 6,969 NFTs
Number of Winners 100 Spots
Official Link sillysociety.io
Verified Twitter sillysocietynft 110,513
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Silly Society: UNDEAD a sequel collection from Silly Society Ecosystem.

This collection is about a fish that has been infected by an unknown organisation called C.A.T ( Chaos Alliance TaskForce ).

All fishes that live in our beloved shelltown are mutating and becoming a new species that we’ve never seen before! After a very long investigation, it seems that everyone has been infected from a new virus that had been transferred from an unknown organisation called C.A.T (Chaos Alliance Taskforce).

Fishes tried to help each other by being positive and telling jokes, but the virus keeps spreading wildly and becomes more contagious. Until one day, they see that after getting mutated they’ve become much harder to penetrate with the virus, better as a fish, faster to solve and stronger as a community.

From there on, fishes aren’t afraid anymore and inject themself with the virus so they can be a part of the new community and rise together.

Mint Price : VIP FREE , WL TBD

Mint Date  : TBD

Supply       : 6969

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