Shrapnel Operator Giveaway X The Fringe NFT

Total Supply 1 NFTs

Number of Winners 1 Spots

Raffle Time Nov. 13, 2022, 9:57 p.m.

Official Link

Visit Premint

To CELEBRATE the collaboration between Shrapnel & The Fringe – Shrapnel are giving away an OPERATOR.

Shrapnel is the world’s first blockchain-enabled moddable AAA first-person shooter game.

Shrapnel is being developed by a BAFTA and Emmy award-winning team of game industry veterans with unmatched experience in transmedia, virtual production, gaming-as-a-service, and blockchain production.

Designed to empower creators, Shrapnel will feature skill-based competition, creative modding tools, and true digital ownership.

Shrapnel will be backended with decentralized technology to promote fairness and traceability within a circular game economy.

Shrapnel’s target audience is split between two groups: gamers who love to play AAA blockbuster games and innovative creators who wish to have a hand in shaping the games they play.

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