SHOCKING NFT Market Update & New NFT Projects | Juuni, Azuki, degods Solana NFT, Instagram NFT Drops

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Discover SHOCKING NFT News about Top NFT Projects (Binance FTX Crypto News, Juuni NFTs, Azuki NFTs Ambush, degods Solana NFTs, Rolex NFT, The Parallax Gensis NFTs)

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0:00 SHOCKING NFT Market Update & New NFT Projects | Juuni, Azuki, degods Solana NFT, Instagram NFT Drops
0:13 NFT Market Analysis
0:24 Degods Solana NFT Moving to Ethereum
1:22 Juuni NFT Onboards Patrick Dang As Strategy Advisor
3:39 Azuki NFT x Ambush Merch
5:53 Rolex Entering Metaverse
7:15 Drift NFT – First EVER Instagram NFT
9:10 The Parallax Academy

We’ll cover the top NFT market updates on NFT news, NFT projects, and Ethereum price prediction. Then, we’ll see how the crypto market affects Solana NFT degods Y00ts. After that, we’ll talk about Juuni NFT onboarding Patrick Dang NFT. Then, we’ll discuss the hyped NFT project Azuki PBT with Ambush. Next, we’ll cover Rolex NFTs, Instagram NFTs, and The Parallax Academy.

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The Parallax is a media company committed to helping you navigate the new frontier of NFTs, Web3, and crypto.

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  1. That's so cool! It'd be awesome if you could talk about ETH NFTs as well? Might I suggest the MetaSkull collection? Skulls frequently symbolize death and the inevitable end of life, am I correct? We learn more about the various symbolisms of skulls through this collection as it explores their use in various cultures throughout the world. 🔥💀

  2. not sure if anyone has commented on it PAt, but Ambush has been active on web3 well before their Azuki collab. They ahve launched their own project back in Feb. I notice they have done around 1000Eth volume on OS with a current FP of Ξ0.1

  3. Pat, been following you for a while now. Would love to collab with you! Lmk if you would be down! We are building a few nft projects with the first one being on Solana

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