Shellz Orb x Trait Sniper Giveaway NFT

Registration Closes Sept. 15, 2022, 9 p.m. UTC

Number of Winners 20 Spots

Raffle Time Sept. 16, 2022, midnight UTC

Official Link linktr.ee/shellzorb

Verified Twitter ShellzOrb 76,762 -2%

Visit Premint

Shellz Orb has finally been indexed by NFT Inspect.

To celebrate this tracking tool correctly indexing our collection (It took 2 weeks) we are giving away:

10 Shellz Orb Binance NFT Eggs &

10 Traitsniper Lifetime Access NFTs ( 0.17ETH Value Each).

Qualifications to participate and win are as follows:

1. Have a Verified Shellz Orb PFP on Twitter using NFT Inspect.

Make your PFP a Shellz Orb NFT, and then go to your Twitter page on chrome with the NFT Inspect Chrome plugin activated, and/or validate your wallet to your Twitter account by logging into NFT inspect.

You can check if your profile has been properly indexed by seeing if you show up on our collections page here.


2. Hold a Shellz Orb NFT.

3. Interact with the giveaway announcement tweet by liking, RT, and posting your PFP in the comments.

4. Follow @ShellzOrb, @JamiesonHill, @ShellzBot


What’s a Binance Egg?

Binance eggs are going to be unrevealed NFTs that are given out as promo and will follow the reveal of the upcoming Shellz Orb public mint on Binance NFTs upcoming decentralized exchange. We are currently listed on the CEX and we will be the first ETH project to be launched by the decentralized exchange. These eggs when hatched will have a similar rarity structure as the 8000 NFTs that are already revealed. New 1/1s and more rare characters. The turtle girl could totally end up in one of the Binance Eggs.

What’s Traitsniper Lifetime Access

Traitsniper is a tool that gives pass holders early access to rarity rankings before they are revealed to non-holders. Pass holders also can use the instant buy feature to snipe. We love the tool and are happy to be giving away access. The current floor price on Trait Sniper NFTs are .17ETH each.

One Team, One Dream

Jamieson Hill

Tag @ShellzOrb #ShellzUp for a chance to be RT’d by our main account. 🙂

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