Shadow Chaser WoE | Masquerade Ignorance! | Valhalla Ragnarok Online

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Shadow Chaser Full Reduce Build
WoE Gameplay

Valhalla Renewal Private Server
Mid Rate Server And Ready Solo Or Guild Reward
Episode 17.1 (Before Edda Fall Of Glast Heim)
Gepard Shield 3.0
Job 3 !
Renewal Server System And Enable MvP Card 0,15% !
Golden Thief Bug Card (Reduce Magic Damage 90%)!
Reduce Race Cap 97%
Modified Drop Rate And Etc !
Max Level 185/65 (Job3) !
Max Level 185/55 (Doram) !
Max Status 130 (Job3) !
Max Status 120 (Doram) !
Aspd 193

Balanced PVP and WOE Custom Server
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