Second Skin Metamorphosis, Alcohol Brands in the NFT Space and Probably A Label Music NFT Ecosystem

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ALTAVA Second Skin Metamorphosis is the first project I discuss today. Second Skin : Metamorphosis is a collection of 6,765 3D avatars uniquely rendered on the Ethereum blockchain created by ALTAVA. Inspired by the symbiotic relationship we have with our environment; intertwining nature with luxury fashion in the metaverse.
Owning a Second Skin allows you to participate in a token-gated experience, access exclusive luxury collaboration NFT drops, see your second skin in virtual worlds, plus much more to discover in the near future.
In support of our sustainability agenda, a portion of our profits will be donated to a foundation chosen by you: our community.

Alcohol Brands are now entering the NFT space. NFT offerings in the alcohol industry are flourishing. One emerging concept is the tokenization of physical bottles, paving the way to verifiable authenticity and rewards gained through NFT ownership.

Probably a Label is the first time a traditional major music label is teaming up with NFT culture. A partnership between Probably Nothing and Warner Records, a new type of record label aimed at redefining IP ownership in the music industry, utilizing Web3 technology.

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