Scary Samurai x Beings NFT

Mint Price 0.05Ξ

Total Supply 6,666 NFTs

Number of Winners 140 Spots

Official Link scarysamurai.xyz

Verified Twitter ScarySamuraiNFT 31,564 1%

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In Japan, an army of 3333 fearsome Rōnin is mysteriously coming back from the dead on a stormy night. Yamada Akio, their leader, is seeking revenge after being cowardly killed by his rival Ōtomo Haru. He and his army had attacked their town during the night, slaying Akio’s men. Rage is filling their decaying bodies as they march North to take back what’s theirs.

Join the army of your choice and fight with your life. No mercy, it’s kill or be killed. (A fighting game & a marketplace are being developed).

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