Sarugami Summons Whitelist 4 NFT

Registration Closes Aug. 24, 2022, 3 p.m. UTC

Mint Date Aug. 27, 2022 7 p.m. UTC

Total Supply 5,000 NFTs

Number of Winners 1,000 Spots

Visit Premint

Here some info about the mint day:

* Supply: 5000 Gama Summons :frog:

* Launch date:  August 27TH at 3pm EST  :arrow_backward:  SAVE THE DATE <t:1661626800>

* Price: Free!!! (Gas + Service Fee*)

**First 2 hours of Mint:**

*Genesis Holders* and *Alpha Whitelist* can mint.

* We will lock 2510 Summons for 24 hours so our Genesis holders can mint without need to concern about the different timezone.

**After the first two hours:**

*Genesis Holders*, *Alpha Whitelist* and *Regular Whitelist* can mint.

**After 24 hours:**

*Public* can mint!

* 1 Gama Summon per wallet

* We will unlock the remaining Summons (That holders didn’t Claim)

Other questions frequently asked:

**How many each group can mint?**

*Genesis Holders*: 1 Gama Summon per **Sarugami** owned

*Alpha Whitelist*: 1 Gama Summon per Wallet

*Regular Whitelist*:  1 Gama Summon  per wallet

**How can i get the @◈ Summon Alpha Free Mint ?**

We are doing collabs with some great projects  and those projects are doing giveaways and stuff, if you are a winner, just open a ticket, send proof and we will give the Summon Alpha role to you.

||Also for everyone that joins our Raid System ( #🍺・raid-role ) and be active on discord we will give the Summon Alpha role, just spread the word and you will be compensated.||

**I have the @◈ Summon Alpha Free Mint  role, what is the next step?**

We are using Premint to collect the wallets so you can register on this link: https://www.premint.xyz/sarugami-summons-alpha-whitelist/

**For the holders , Will it be DTC (Direct to Contract)?**

The website checks how many Sarugamis you have in the current connected wallet and it tells you how many you can mint! So you don’t need to concern about a Snapshot and your Sarugami be on a cold wallet.

**For the whitelists, it will be DTC?**

Yes! 1 day before the mint date we will collect all the wallets and put them directly on contract, on the mint day when you connect your wallet on the website, it will tell you if your wallet is available to mint one.

**What kind of contract will it be?**

I will use the ERC721A, that means that the gas fees will be very low when minting!

**Do we have a rarity tool?**

Yes! We have our own rarity tool check: https://sarugami.io/rarity

**I am a Sarugami Holder and also won a spot for the Regular Whitelist or the Alpha Whitelist, can i mint?**

Yes you will be able to mint.

**What is the best way to be sure that you will mint a Gama Summon?**


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