Mint Date Sept. 30, 2022

Total Supply 3,069 NFTs

Official Link

Verified Twitter Rich_PeopleClub 13,907 5%

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Rich People Club is an audacious parody on the snobbish and scummy elite built on the Ethereum blockchain. The Club is a home for people who simply do not give a fuck because they are too elite.

NFT projects are becoming more and more desperate as they try new tactics for making money, from rug pull pests to “make-a quick buck” scammers. Rich People Club is a celebration of their richness.

Lucky or dedicated NFT holders will enjoy the outrageous and excessive lifestyle only the wealthy have access to. You like sushi? Cool, free dinner at Nobu. You want to go out on a Saturday? We will host you at the most exclusive nightclubs around the world.

We are sharing these opportunities so that Rich People Club can collectively conquer the world. The movement has begun. From constant RICH PEOPLE chants in their Discord, to a huge penis billboard right outside of Apefest.

This is just the beginning.

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