RektGuy to 1 ETH and Tattoos (Down bad but never dead)

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OSF, Founder of RektGuy, is about to get the tattoo of his RektGuy
What is rektguy NFT?

In a nutshell, the rektguy NFT project is a collection of images of rektguy. For now, the project hasn’t released much information. According to its website, rektguy is “art and pfps and stuff”. Well, okay…So what about the utility and roadmap? Lol. No, wait – “lol” is the project’s answer to utility and roadmap.
While there isn’t much to go on, let’s take a look into what we know so far. Firstly, the rektguy NFT collection is based on the rektguy character. A misspelling of “wrecked”, “rekt” denotes an NFT/crypto trader who is devastated by a recent price crash. To be honest, in the current market conditions, that amply describes a lot of traders.
The artwork in itself represents this—a hooded skeleton drinking to cope with the current situation. That might sound familiar to a lot of crypto/NFT traders.

Above from NFT Evening.
NFT Evening:


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