Regrow Your Throat | Pudgy Penguins taking over ETH | Taking Rare Metal from Old Batteries |

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“Pudgy Penguins NFTs Break All-Time Highs With Holiday Rally.”
Pudgy Penguins $ETH-based #NFT lineup has eclipsed @BoredApeYC & other #digitalcollectibles in 24-hour trading volume.
Source: CoinDesk

In #alternativeenergynews, “Green Science Alliance Succeeded in Extracting Rare Metal from Lithium Ion Battery with Natural Deep Eutectic Solvent with Sustainable Method.”

Next, #medicalprofessionals can stand and cheer for this amazing discovery in #biotechnology news: “New Publication Demonstrates Rapid Esophageal Regeneration using the Biostage Esophageal Implant.”
Video Credit: Biostage,

Lastly, “Defrost Finance breaks silence on ‘exit scam’ accusations, denies rug pull.”

Source: Cointelegraph

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