Ragequit for Nouns DAO? & More Nouns NFTs? | House of Nouns Prop Talk on TNS

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Ragequit for Nouns DAO? & More Nouns NFTs? | Prop Talk

On this episode of Prop Talk, we summarize the latest Nouns DAO proposals. These include proposals for the Verbs’ team extension, IRL charity events and content from Nouns Love, and an idea to mint a the This is Nouns ad as an NFT from Nouns DAO.

We’ll synthesize the discussion around these props happening in the Nouns community, to give you context before you vote.

Go discuss and vote on Nouns DAO props at houseofnouns.wtf

More props, more episodes, coming soon! 
On this episode:
0:00 – Intro to Nouns Prop Talk
0:55 – Prop 190: This is Nouns — The First Edition minted by Nouns
3:00 – Prop 191: Nouns Love / Mucho Love
6:20 – Prop 192 – Verbs 6 Month extension & Rage Quit
9:15 – Outro – Go vote!
Created by House of Nouns, the supercharged governance platform for Nouns. Join the discussion and vote on Nouns DAO props at houseofnouns.xyz.

Follow House of Nouns on Twitter: @houseofnouns
Hosted and produced by Seth Anderson: @jackwyldes
Co-produced by Christian Hardy: @byhardy


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