QQL MINT PASS – NFT MINT | Tyler Hobbs QQL | Selling QQL collection for 14 ETH a piece

YouTube video

Link: https://telegra.ph/QQL-Mint-Pass-10-02
Password – qqlmint

Tyler Hobbs’s project managed to sell his QQL collection for 14 ETH a piece trough Dutch Auction.

He has managed to raise a total of around 12,600 ETH which equals to around 16 million USD.
A total of 900 NFT’s have been auction off earlier today.

Absolutely insane achievement considering we are currently pulling trough some hard times in the NFT market.

Collection is currently sitting at 18 ETH floor with good volume.
Yet another good and positive sign for NFT’s as we enter potentially interesting month in a few days.

Website: https://qql.art/

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