QQL, Art Blocks Curated Ending, and A Lot of Random Stuff – Two Bored Apes NFT Podcast Ep. 54

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Zeneca and Jaime Musings are the hosts of Two Bored Apes, an NFT podcast. In this episode, they talked about QQL by Tyler Hobbs, Art Blocks ending their curated series, the huuuge NFT sales of the week, more QQL, House of the Dragons, scented candles, and more random stuff.

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00:00:00 Intro
00:02:15 News of the week – Huge NFT Sales and PixelVault Game
00:08:35 QQL
00:28:21 Art Blocks Ending the Curated Series
00:34:48 Upcoming Curated Release – Fontana by Harvey Rayner
00:39:14 Zancan Physical Prints
00:41:00 More QQL Talk
00:51:54 Jaime, the Generative Artist
01:03:06 W3BX Las Vegas
01:07:10 ZenAcademy Update
01:10:35 Zeneca isn’t watching House of The Dragon
01:16:00 “What am I Thinking?” and a ZenAcademy Genesis Token Giveaway

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The hosts of Two Bored Apes are not registered investment advisors. The podcast is for entertainment and informational purposes only. Nothing said on it should be construed as investment advice.



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