Pudgy Penguins NFT CEO, Investing & Building Businesses, Entrepreneurship w/Luca Netz – TFS#109

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Luca is the current CEO of Pudgy Penguins and has invested in and worked with numerous other brands such as Gel Blaster, Vibe Body Care, Cookies n Kicks, Unhappy, Social Snowball, and more. Luca is also known for accelerating brands, such as Von Dutch, and monetizing the influencer marketplace.

Luca has been mentioned in Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, Coindesk, and more, and is also known for identifying and investing in blue-chip NFT projects early on.

Follow Luca on IG: @Luca Netz
Visit: https://www.netzventurecapital.com/

00:00 Intro
01:10 Meet Luca Netz
01:40 Buying Pudgy Penguins
03:20 Monetizing IP
04:00 Growing Pudgy Penguins
05:05 Guru Jagat
06:10 The Next Great Thing
07:00 Building Companies That Matter
08:05 Keeping Up With The Joneses
08:40 The Big Question
09:45 Meaningful Purpose
10:45 Living In The Moment
11:00 Work-Life Balance
12:20 Self Evolution
13:00 The Future Of Pudgy Penguins
14:05 Outro

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