Pudgy Penguins BILLIONS of views (value is INSANE)

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Pudgy Penguins almost have 1 BILLION views on GIPHY. This ecosystem has been LIT for the last couple of months. But what are they? Don’t they have a shady past? Are they ran by VCs? The answers may surprise you for the better.
Pudgy Penguins have a long ways to go yet. Its looklng like they got some cute toys that will be hitting the marketplace soon enough. They also have to announce the utility with their Pudgy Rods. Lil Pudgy’s are going buck too. Definitely an NFT ecosystem to keep an eye on.

The reason why Pudgys should do good from their Founder:
His reason for launching the project was to leverage its meme potential. In an interview with the Times, he said, “There was a Huge meme potential in fat-looking penguins, so we decided to roll with that.”

GIPHY: https://giphy.com/pudgypenguins
News Article about Pudgy Penguins: https://nftnow.com/culture/the-rise-fall-and-redemption-of-pudgy-penguins-nfts/
Chart from Nansen CEO: https://twitter.com/ASvanevik/status/1607515768887087106
NFT Stats: https://twitter.com/punk9059/status/1607774820053438465
Wiz Doing His Thing: https://twitter.com/wizardofsoho/status/1607708439668527104


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