Plutoverse x PREMINT Collector Pass NFT

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Spots Reserved 150

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self-expression is our default state. we built a social platform for self-expression.

Plutoverse, backed by Polygon Ventures, is a social platform – simply designed for you to find like-minded people & be part of communities. We are proud to have Project Godjira as our consultancy partner. And Zen Academy/ 333 Club members as an advisor. 

Team: Plutoverse is currently a team of 40+ weebs, nerds, scientists & artists forming the gaming, art, and community teams. 
Founded by Prashant (CEO) and Arjun (COO) [doxxed]. Previously co-founded NOFILTR, Indias’s most prominent influencer incubator, incubated 70 influencers and scaled their communities from a couple of thousand followers to millions. The key learning from this experience was understanding the needs of GenZ and Alphas and their behavior across social media channels. This gives us access to 300M+ users in our target audience in the South Asian region. We simply let these creators self-express and it did wonders because it’s just so natural and honest. Now we want to scale this experience to inpiduals. 

– Polygon Ventures is one of the world’s largest blockchains. Instagram & Stripe newly launched their NFTs on Polygon.

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