PixApe Summoners NFT

Total Supply 10,000 NFTs

Number of Winners 2,000 Spots

Official Link pixelatedapes.xyz

Verified Twitter apes_pixelated 28,498

Visit Premint

PixApe Summoners by PixLabs

Supply: 10,000
Mint Price: 0-0.02 eth
Launch date: 4th quarter 2022

ALL Genesis Holders mint their matching 3D Ape for FREE – To get your Pixelated Ape, check out the collection on OpenSea. https://opensea.io/collection/thepixelatedapes

What is PixApe Summoners?

PixApe Summoners is the 3D PFP collection by PixLabs that creates the next generation of investors, who will invest in high-tech projects using our innovative technology.

We have already launched the first genesis collection and will launch 2 DAO projects via their own web3 incubator platform

Value PixApe Summoners provides to Holders :

– Staking & Play-To-Earn Development Game
– Able to claim NFTs via staking
– Able to be DAO member of PixLabs by claim $PIXAPE tokens
– Upgrade NFTs with fusion and craft process
– Discord Investor Hub Access, Early access to Hand-picked investments
– Merch and collaborations with well-known communities, inpiduals, and selected initiatives
– Full PFP IP rights 
-Fully doxxed team
– Gain access to certain IRL events, retreats, and digital experiences
– Receive Whitelist spots for other top-tier projects

PixApe Summoners WL is highly exclusive as about ~3,000 NFTs will only remain for the WL mint, while the rest goes to genesis holders.

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