OutSad*mfers giveaway NFT

Registration Closes Aug. 30, 2022, 2 a.m. UTC

Number of Winners 1 Spots

Official Link outsad.io

Verified Twitter OutsadNFT 38,082

Visit Premint

There is a chance for 1 lucky winner to get a mfer airdrop given by OutSad


The collection intro: OutSad is an artistic NFT that took the artist over 700 days to finalize 5,000 unique NFT assets by combining manuscripts and materials modeling. OutSad NFT does not adhere to any one formal structure, instead emphasizing the commonplace, everyday sensations that has been obscured by the onslaught of modernity.

Artist’s intro: Leon Wang, graduated at Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2004, who has been engaged in professional animation, games and Intellectual Property fields for nearly two decades. Outsad series NFT signifies the awakening of the artist’s identity started in 2019, following the path of art history and returning to the new concept of art.

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