Omega Orcs LAST PREMINT 10/28 Free Mint NFT

Mint Price 0.0Ξ

Total Supply 1,333 NFTs

Official Link

Visit Premint

✔️ Omega Orcs FREE MINT WL Spots – Minting 12/28 ✔️

Orcs like free mints.

<Omega Orcs is a 100% free mint>

Orcs like friends.

<Omega Orcs is a low 1333 supply>

Orcs like utility.

<Nodes, WLs, Alpha, Tools, and more>

Orcs like community.

<Omega Orcs is powered by Omega Alpha, an existing Alpha Community>

Orcs like surprises.

<Keep an eye on Twitter, we’re not your average free degen mint>

Powered by Omega Alpha .


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