Omega Orcs FREE MINT Flash Raffle NFT

Mint Price 0.0Ξ

Total Supply 1,333 NFTs

Number of Winners 10 Spots

Official Link

Visit Premint


Omega Orcs FREE MINT Flash Raffle by Kenn.ETH


Orcs like free mints.

<Omega Orcs is a 100% free mint>

Orcs like friends.

<Omega Orcs is a low 1333 supply>

Orcs like utility.

<Nodes, WLs, Alpha, Tools, and more>

Orcs like community.

<Omega Orcs is powered by Omega Alpha, an existing Alpha Community>

Orcs like surprises.

<Keep an eye on Twitter, we’re not your average free degen mint>

Powered by

Omega Alpha


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