Oldeus x TheZero NFT

Total Supply 5,555 NFTs

Number of Winners 4 Spots

Official Link twitter.com/OldeusOfficial

Verified Twitter OldeusOfficial 73,890

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Oldeus Project Highlights:

Supply: 5,555 (tentative)
Mint Date: TBA
Mint Price: TBA

Welcome to OLDEUS!

Oldeus is an art-focused project shaping the next generation of manga. It’s a playground for the imagination united under a common principle — we all have a story.

Step into the world of Oldeus to unlock an ability to guide the first community-driven manga the world has ever seen, and a universe of immersive experiences built at the intersection of blockchain technology and the next era of storytelling. 

Oldeus art in a nutshell:

• A team of 4 artists who have hands-on experience working on the world’s top manga and anime projects.

• All backgrounds and landscapes are provided by the lead artist who worked on the world’s best anime series such as Dr. Stone, Baki Hanma, Attack on Titan, Your Name, and more.

• 10-base collection made in Japanese inking style. Unique black-and-white art with splashes or crimson red!
Oldeus NFT collection has multiple bases for characters and features interesting minting mechanics that ensure fair distribution of the rarest NFTs from the collection!
Love good stories, love good art? Then Join us. Let’s redefine manga together!


oneETHman – co-founder

Kaien – co-founder

Haru – lead artist 

Security notes:

Updates and announcements will be made through official Oldeus Twitter and Discord. There will not be any stealth mints and we will not ask for any private information. 
Be on your guard, and check the legitimacy of accounts and links. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

At the moment, our Discord is invite-only at the moment, but everyone can join the waiting room via the official vanity link!

Stay safe!

Oldeus x TheZero NFT

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