NEXT FREE MINT TO 10 ETH!?! Art Gobblers Discussion, AI Arena x Paradigm, Digidaigaku Villians

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:43 Art Gobblers
4:24 AI Arena
5:45 Digidaigaku Villians


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  1. I Ash 2 Ashes ! I❤‍🔥you, tour discord (great alpha), twitter (TY for the GA's) & your videos but… please, take off that fucking downy sofa mattress behind you, it's distracting me! Thank You Boss!😸

  2. Ashes 2 Ash : 💖your videos, but please take off that fucking downy sofa mattress behind you, it's distracting me

  3. sir i need help sir plz help sir.
    0.00060bnb(0.2$) this is nft airdrop gas fee sir plz help me sir. kindly request😢

  4. It was a free mint.. but what was the cost or floor price once available on secondary? If there was a free mint why does whitelist matter since you could mint for free anyways ?

  5. Ayo, bout dat Kanto doh. Wut it do? So much cope on gobblers. Little hard to fight it ngl lol, you miss a bunch and it starts to hurt haha.

  6. i appreciate your Art Gobblers analiys, this is something that everyone has to listen to understand how to stay in the market…me i m one one them. tks

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