news: Ninja Gaiden Reboots, Assassin's Creed Valhalla on Steam, Halo: MCC Modding Updates

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Oh hey, it’s another episode of Good Gaming News! Here are the articles I said I’d link:
Meet the man making controllers accessible for everyone:
Atomic Heart Preview:

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Stream VOD channel:


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  1. Ayane is a Queen. She can't supplant Chun-Li for me, but I fully understand your adulation. She's a precious death angel who should be protected at all times.

  2. Why is everything a reboot? did the new "creatives" run out of ideas or can't come up with new IPs? This goes for everything, not just gaming.

  3. Alanah you beautiful, beautiful angel. Thank you for telling us about the Ninja Gaiden news. The master collection was such a letdown with the co-OP removed.

  4. Maybe for your next gaming Q&A. Do you know or heard through one of your many sources why elden ring doesn't have a pause? I imagine it being something that could be disabled when you have pvp options turned on and doesn't effect the difficulty.

  5. I love the concept of this show, Alanah. It shouldn't be as weird to say "Hey, what makes this show different is we actually talk about good things and are generally happy about gaming". But sadly, yeah, it's unique.

  6. 100% agree with the situational. If a game can't pause, I'm not buying it. Feels weird that it's a feature I have to look for.

  7. one of my favorite accessability aspects (since a lot of blindness ones are lacking) are for QTE just being a single button hold. no fucking about trying to react to a prompt randomly somewhere on the screen. made as dusk falls so much more enjoyable.

  8. I appreciate this show cause as mentioned it focuses on positive news and it does showcase some stories that don't normally get covered.

  9. I’ve been really into learning more about accessibility in gaming. It’s really cool seeing people use technology for the betterment of people’s lives like this.

  10. Unless they are doing something very different this time, the Ubisoft news is barely good news as you still have to launch the Ubisoft store to play the game even if it is installed via Steam. At least that's how all my Ubisoft games purchased on Steam work now.

  11. I have said Ninja gay-den not guy-den my entire life. I played the damn games. Hmmm, makes sense as guy-den.

  12. ALANAH YOU'RE MIND DOES NOT NEED TO BE CHANGED. BURIAL AT SEA (ESPECIALLY PART 2) IS THE BEST BIOSHOCK. I still cry thinking about that ending. Also as a side problem, La Vie En Rose is an extremely triggering song for me now.

  13. As long as Epic keeps giving free games weekly, I have nothing against them. And talking about Halo mods, have you tried the Cursed Halo ?

  14. lets gooooooo I was hoping the Dead or alive series wouldn't die off after 6, hopefully they pay close attention to SF5 and tekken 8 and bring their A game

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