Neo Bangkok x SinestiaETH NFT

Number of Winners 5 Spots

Official Link twitter.com/NeoBangkokNFT

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Inspired by the City of Bangkok and the world’s twisted chaos


Uncontrolled Boundaries

Technological Advancement, Twisted Capitalism System, and uncultured politics”

Entwined by these chaotic prosperous, this is the beginning of the Neo Bangkok Projects Inspired from on-going issue in Bangkok and the twisted chaos of the world, we are here to starts the revolution.

Our team consists of over

35+ Members

who are well experienced in

3D-modeling, VFX production, Blockchain Integration .

Our project will not be a typical NFT Brand Collection, but a revolution to all the territory in both Web 3.0 and Web 2.0

“Action speaks more than word, but the question is, “Are you ready to join the revolution”

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