Moonpay & Bored Ape Yacht Club Miami Mural | Art Basel 2021 | Project Roadmap NFT Murals

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The Creative Outcome artists Dias and Professor X from our Project Roadmap team painted the large scale “Welcome to Miami” Art Basel 2021 mural located in Wynwood. This mural was a collaboration with Moonpay and Bored Ape Yacht Club for their Art Basel scavenger hunt and it was part of #wynwoodmuralfest

Project Roadmap is a artist team consisting of Roc Sol, Dias and Professor X. We specialize in street art, mural advertisements, digital designs, canvases and large scale NFT murals. We are known for painting most of Miami’s NFT Murals located in Wynwood, Allapattah and Midtown. We are available to paint murals anywhere in the US.

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