Monuverse x Moodies by Hanuka NFT

Mint Date Nov. 11, 2022 5 p.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.07Ξ

Total Supply 7,777 NFTs

Raffle Time Nov. 10, 2022, 11:19 a.m.

Official Link

Verified Twitter Monuverse 30,803

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A Groundbreaking Web3 Experience 

Monuverse is the virtual home of the world’s most iconic monuments, a groundbreaking Web3 experience that enhances & preserves our cultural heritage making it accessible to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

In the upcoming months, Monuverse will become a fully shared platform where people can use their historic 3D avatars (free for holders), share their passions with one another, attend virtual events, art exhibitions, parties, branded experiences, music festivals, and much more.

Join us in making Monuverse the most suggestive venue in the metaverse.

And it all starts here…


 ⚡️ Episode I: Arch of Peace. 
A 7777 generative art series by AI Masters & creative coders Ouchhh studio.

A four step experience:

1. A live event (✅);

2. A VR experience (✅);

3. A 7777 NFT drop;

4. A PFP drop + 3D Avatar, free for holders


 🍃 Mint Price 

–  The Chosen Ones (WL)  : 0.07 ETH

–  The Believers (Premint)  : 0.09 ETH

–  The Brave (Public)  : 0.11 ETH


 The Chosen Ones are the members of our WL: if you are selected, you’re guaranteed to mint for 0.07 ETH on mint day. 

 If you were not selected but you still registered, you’ll be able to mint for 0.09 ETH, still a good discount if compared to Public Price (0.11 ETH).


 🧩 Utilities for Holders 
– Free PFPs + 3D avatars

– WL/Free mint for next episodes

– Access to token-gated experiences

– Voting rights on next monuments.

– IRL Experiences


 🔗 Truly Random & Decentralized Reveal. On Chain. 
On reveal day, the entire collection will be revealed in a truly decentralized and unpredictable manner. The process can’t get any more transparent, as you will be able to trustlessly verify the rarity of your tokens on the blockchain.  Powered by Chainlink. 


Learn more about our NFTs, roadmap, artists, doxxed team and more on our website!

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