Metasumeru NFT

Mint Price 0.04Ξ

Total Supply 8,888 NFTs

Number of Winners 500 Spots

Raffle Time Nov. 13, 2022, 10:33 a.m.

Official Link

Verified Twitter Metasumeru 10,649

Visit Premint

Metasumeru was started by volunteers who are engaged in AI mural restoration, hoping to call people to reach their own Sumeru Mountain through close to Buddhism and meditation practice.
Metasumeru has built a meta-universe called “The Path of Practice” in cyber and is running twitter space daily meditation activities, as well as “Meditation World” art co-creation activities based on GAN programming.

Holding a Metasumeru NFT will not only give you access to our peace-loving community, but it is also your ticket to enter into competitions with other Metasumeru NFT holders. We will shock-drop the hottest NFT collections randomly and allow our community of NFT holders to purchase them with their own Metasumeru NFTs. Keep in mind that any Metasumeru NFTs used to purchase other NFTs will be burned and gone forever. 

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