Metarelics x Prysm | Cold Wallets/Ledger NFT

Mint Date Aug. 24, 2022

Official Link prysm.xyz/access/metarelics

Verified Twitter prysm_xyz 21,044 1%

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Prysm x Metarelics Private Mint for Cold Wallet/Ledger Holders

If you are holding your Relics Pass in a cold wallet or have issues minting with ledger, register here with the hot wallet you intent to mint with.

If you have already minted, you do not need to register here. 100% of Metarelics members will obtain access.

Pass Benefits:

This mint pass will enable you to obtain early access to Prysm, create a new DAO and get premium support for any issues on our Discord.

Only the Squad creator needs the pass, and from there they can invite their Squad members.

  • Mint page: https://www.prysm.xyz/access/metarelics
  • This is a free mint, Prysm takes no royalties
  • No time limit (as of now)

Feel free to submit a support ticket on our


with any questions!

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