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Total Supply 6,666 NFTs

Number of Winners 2 Spots

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Verified Twitter Metaarksnft 70,635

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Project Name:MetaArks

2D NFTs are for community consensus

3D NFTs are a credential to enter our metaverse


Network Type:ETH

Project Type:Social-Fi & Metaverse & Game-Fi & VR

NFT Collection Size:6,666

MetaArks is committed to develop Game-Fi 2.0( in combination with SocialFi) by adding the Social layer, to overturn the current GameFi practice of the constant mining,

withdrawing and selling tokens, thus facilitating the return of people’s experiences to gaming.


Our NFT’s most empowering feature is the ability to recreate 1:1 images into the metaverse we have created. With the purchased NFT being the representation you see in our metaverse, our metaverse incorporates four core values:

* “AR, VR, and MR”-related technologies

* “Farm system” such as the farm management of the Animal Crossing series

* “Social games” similar to the social game Mario Party series

* Pet breeding and battle modes similar to Axie Infinity’s pet breeding and battle modes

We focus on the following issues:

1. Alleviate the death spiral of economy commonly seen in blockchain games

We adopt a free economy model, in which all revenue generation is dependent on supply and demand; we are not mining for selling or supplementing the previous funds with future funds.

2. NFTs lack presentation scenarios and sense of immersion

We intend to integrate AR and VR technologies after the game development is completed.

AR: The character will be able to drop characters or pets in their wallet in real life through a mobile phone app, with interactive behavior when two NFTs are present on the screen.

VR: It will be possible to assume a character’s first person view through VR equipment.

3. Other metaverse projects may not support other projects

In the future, we will open our platform for other 3D projects to display their images in the metaverse to realize the meaning of a true metaverse.

4. Community and metaverse communication difficulties

We will integrate the Discord community and liberate the two-way communication between the metaverse and the real world. For example, if you have a conversation with a guild in the universe, you can still see it from Discord even if you are not logged in to the game; if you talk through Discord in real life, people in the metaverse can also see their conversations.

5. Creating a blockchain game with both experiential content and P2E coexistence

At present, existing P2E games are often perceived as unfavorable in terms of game experience; however, we, as a traditional development company, are more capable of developing a metaverse from the perspective of customer experience, rather than simply designing a game as playing to earn, thereby achieving a truly immersive experience.


Team Information:

Our core team consists of experts from a variety of fields, including game production, technology, and project management:

Game project management: Jian-wei Hsu

* Previously, he was the convening producer of X Legend Entertainment’s PC version of the MMORPG Grand Fantasia Online, which was published in more than 28 countries and generated more than NT$100 million in revenue per month.

* Project producer at Shenzhen Zhongqingbaowang Network Technology, responsible for MMORPG project production on PC.

* Producer and operations director at FTXSPORTS, responsible for the China and Southeast Asia versions of the web game FTX Basketball Manager, with a monthly revenue of over NT$80 million.

Game Production: OKYMO Technology Co.

Participated in numerous classic IP productions by major game developers, while possessing AR, VR and other technologies, such as:

* SOFTSTAR  XuanYuan Sword Millennial Destiny

* SOFTSTAR  XuanYuan Sword 5

* SOFTSTAR  XuanYuan Sword Online 2

* SOFTSTAR  Dream of Mirror

* SOFTSTAR  XuanYuan Sword: Han Cloud

* PlayCoo Corporation Shao-lin legend Online

* PlayCoo Corporation Xin-stars Online

* SEGA StarHorse Pocket

* SEGA puyo puyo

* Genki Asphalt 3

* Chinese Gamer The Legend of Huang Yi Online

* Chinese Gamer Six Saints online

* Chinese Gamer Romance (Happy Five Corners) Online

* Chinese Gamer Warriors of Fate

* Chinese Gamer Chinese Hero Online

* IGS mainframe GO GO BALL

* IGS Westward Journey Online

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