Meta Tuners Final WL Raffle NFT

Mint Date Aug. 25, 2022 11 p.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.08Ξ

Total Supply 8,000 NFTs

Number of Winners 100 Spots

Official Link metatuners.io

Verified Twitter metatuners 20,207

Visit Premint

Welcome to Meta Tuners,

The World’s First Car Culture & Anime Inspired NFT collection

featuring legendary vehicles from JDM, Euro, Muscle, Exotic and more!

The 8,000 piece collection includes over 400 hand-drawn unique parts by


, an expert designer and illustrator with over a decade of professional experience.  Cezar has helped brand some of the biggest franchises including Transformers, Power Rangers, NY Jets, BeyBlade, Disney and many more!


An invisible threat looms. A once progressive and highly advanced metropolis, Hardrive City, is seeing its rich culture and freedoms siphoned off to a higher power. With autonomous vehicles taking over the city, racetracks became junkyards, meetups became sting operations, and tuners have been driven away from among society. A highly advanced AI known as “The Machine”, seeks to gain power through greed and corruption and grows more powerful as his plague spreads across the region.

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Minting 8-25-22 !

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