Meltdown NFT Road to 100k NFT

Mint Price 0.1Ξ

Total Supply 3,333 NFTs

Number of Winners 50 Spots

Official Link

Visit Premint

Project Name: Meltdown NFT

Collection Size: 3333

Mint Price: 0.1ETH

Raffle Spots: 50

Mint Date: Sometime in September, 2022

On our road to 100k followers we are raffling away 50 WL spots for the highly anticipated Meltdown NFT drop.

Others had to spend dozens of hours to figure their way through our riddles to be able to finally get in the Safezone and secure their WL spot.

Meltdown NFT Road to 100k NFT

Now you have the chance to get WL just by signing up for our raffle.

If you don’t want to solely rely on your luck you can still try to solve our 3 levels of riddles and get your WL spot that way.

Start solving the riddles by

clicking here


Good luck Survivors!

Meltdown NFT Road to 100k NFT

Meltdown NFT Road to 100k NFT

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