MASSIVE NFT Pump & Top NFT News You Missed | Pudgy Penguins, Bored Ape, CloneX, degods Y00ts Solana

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Discover HUGE NFT news from top NFT projects to buy now (CloneX NFTs, Pudgy Penguins NFTs, Bored Ape BAYC NFT, degods Y00ts Solana NFT News, )

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0:00 MASSIVE NFT Pump & Top NFT News You Missed | Pudgy Penguins, Bored Ape, CloneX, degods Y00ts Solana NFTs
0:15 NFT Market Update
0:59 Pudgy Penguins NFT Pump
3:45 Degods NFT Moving to ETH
5:13 Y00ts NFT Moving to Polygon
5:36 Yuga Labs BAYC Upcoming NFT Mint
6:43 RTFKT Clone X Pod Burning

In this video, we’ll discuss recent crypto market updates and what it means for NFT news, top NFT projects, NFT flipping, and NFT drops. Next, we’ll look at the NFT project from Pudgy Penguins by Luca Netz to see why it’s NFT price is pumping on NFT marketplace Opensea. Next, we’ll discuss Solana NFTs degods and y00ts moving to Ethereum and Polygon. Next, we’ll do a NFT project review from Yuga Labs with their upcoming NFT mint. Finally, we’ll cover RTFKT Upcoming NFT news with their CloneX Pod Burning.

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  1. Hi Patrick, given the volatile nature of ETH why are major NFT projects still minted on ETH rather than a stable coin like USDC ? The floor price for an NFT may shoot up but if ETH is still down relative to when that NFT was first purchased then the holder is still at a loss. But with a stable coin , positive changes in floor prices will always benefit both the holder and creator

    Would be helpful to know your take on this ? Would love some advice !

  2. I’d be interested in hearing your take on Phantom Galaxies. They just finished their alpha and their new beta launches in January I think. Blowfish games is there home studio.

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