Machina NFT

Registration Closes Oct. 9, 2022, 3:31 a.m. UTC

Number of Winners 30 Spots

Official Link

Verified Twitter Machina_NFT 120,620

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Machina is the brainchild of Dylan, a concept artist at PUBG who has worked with Blizzard, Tencent, and Nexon.

This generative portrait collection aims to curate a space for all to create freely without restrictions. Featuring extensive narratives and a host of utilities, Machina will provide a uncensored space for those who shun society’s conventions. Reject normalcy, embrace your creativity, the Underground awaits.

To further reinforce their beliefs and ensure the success of their quest to build this space, Machina boasts some of the top minds in the NFT space as advisors, such as:

– 0xinuarashi (Founder of Gangster Allstar),

– Takoa (Founder of FEW) – Jejouw (Founder of Karafuru)

– Wiz (Founder of Kingdom NFT)

Those interested in enrolling for the Underground should begin their journey on Twitter and Discord.

Twitter :

Discord :

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