Luca Netz from Pudgy Penguins: Pudgy Penguins 2030, PMI Toys Partnerships, How to Build a Web3 Brand

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Very few communities have the deep lore and rich history that the Pudgy Penguins do. Founded by Colethereum, sold to Luca Netz, bought for 2.5M and currently worth at least 5x that. Luca Netz is one of the first e-commerce legends, having worked with early and massive personalities such as Supreme Patty. Luca hopes to bring his savvy digital native mindset to Web3.

In this episode we talk about:
– Pairing revenue-generating products with Web3
– Deep Pudgy lore
– Where PUdgies will be in 2030
– PMI Toys Partnerships
– Next big penguin IP
– How to build a Web3 Company


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  1. I am first to Watch this Video! Luca Is the guy who inspire me right now! I am 16, I'm from West Africa and I am trying to start Ecom! Thanks also for Internet Accelator

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