Luca Netz Discusses His Entrepreneurial Journey, Acquiring Pudgy Penguins, & More!

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Welcome to ngmi, your weekly comedy podcast about web3. Today’s guest is Luca Netz, an NFT project founder and Web3 Extraordinaire! In this episode Luca discusses his background building businesses, acquiring Pudgy Penguins, , & more!


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  1. Thanks for the video! found this video pretty helpful and gave me a new perspective on how we can help other people and give them advice and help others succeed, loved listening to this while working, keep it up!

  2. it takes a lot of patience and dedication for a project to succeed, and what strikes me the most is that it's hard creating something that gives both uniqueness and great community.

  3. Love champ talking about community engagement. I really think they should focus more on that and be active while building.

  4. Great video. really enjoyed champ talking about community engagement and how projects should focus more on that.

  5. Amazing video guys! I loved how Champ explains his views regarding how he reacts to those who say negative things about NFTs. He made some excellent comments that are worth considering!

  6. I like this guy!! Great episode k money and champ… I'm agree with the part he talks about where building projects takes time but that doesn't mean in the mean time they should be quite. Be active even when building ❤

  7. kmoney was thinking about safemoon the whole time lucanetz was talking 😂 fr tho you two are probably the most fun to watch in the space. lucanetz’ story is humbling af. wagmi bros

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