Lords of the Lands Collab Whitelisting NFT

Mint Date Sept. 23, 2022 1:30 p.m. UTC

Mint Price 0.15Ξ

Official Link lordsofthelands.io

Verified Twitter LordsOfTheLands 74,130 2%

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Lords of the Lands Collab Whitelisting NFT

By registering you will enter into a raffle for the whitelist for our upcoming genesis presale.

Our Whitelisters will have guaranteed access to the genesis mint of both Land and Lord NFT at a discounted mint price.

If you do not win the whitelist raffle you will automatically enter into the waitlist.


The “Landlord” is the highest title in the LOL Metaverse, to became a landlord you need to have at least   1 Land NFT & 1 Lord NFT   in the same wallet.

Why become a LOL LandLord  ?

Earn Monthly Rentals in Ethereum:

LandLord rental smartcontract contains 25% of LOL creator royalty. Rent will be calculated by the rarity of your Land NFT and number of days you had both the Land NFT and Lord NFT in your wallet. Rent can be withdrawn only once in 30 days per Land NFT.

Participate in LOL Tournaments:

LOL will be organizing e-gaming tournaments on its e-gaming partner apps/website Landlords can play their favorite games like Minecraft, PubG, GTA V, FreeFire, etc and depending upon the rank you score in the game ,

you can win exclusive NFTs

like Lords, Lands, Vaults, Swords, weapons ,accessories as well as

prizes upto $25,000

. These e-gaming tournaments will happen twice a month.

All advantages of Land NFTs & Lord NFTs and much more!

What can you MINT?

Lords of the Lands is a bringing their

Presale Collection of 300 Land NFTs & 255 Lord NFTs


1) Land NFTs (300)

Land NFTs are the most important part of the LOL metaverse, providing access to exclusive experiences as well as generating its holders, monthly rentals when combined with Lord Nft.

Types of Land

Lords of the Lands Collab Whitelisting NFT

Every Land NFT comes with hidden treasure chests that can contain NFTs such as Vaults, Lords, accessories.

2) Lords NFTs (255)

The Lords are the virtual reality ready avatars ,the medieval kings in the meta era. You need atleast 1 Lord NFT to withdraw/claim rent from any Land NFT. According to the rarity of the lord , you can withdraw upto 3 Lands from a single lord. Lords also have many more benefits up their sleeves!

Lords of the Lands Collab Whitelisting NFT

About Project

Lords of The Lands (LOL) is a utility-driven metaverse ecosystem allowing its NFT holders to monetize their virtual lands and earn monthly rentals.   LOL Metaverse is built on unity & powered by Ethereum blockchain, will be available on Web, IOS, Android as well as VR Apps.

Lords of the Lands Collab Whitelisting NFT
Lords of the Lands Collab Whitelisting NFT

*You will need to connect your ETH wallet to the PREMINT site, but this is only to register for WL, it is not a blockchain transaction and will not incur a gas fee.

We reserve the right to further qualify this list to ensure commitment to mint.

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